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Beolab 4000 speaker conversion kit to Sonos with Wifi & Trueplay support

Beolab 4000 speaker conversion kit to Sonos with Wifi & Trueplay support

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Enhance your vintage Beolab 4000 by transforming it into a state-of-the-art Sonos player with our comprehensive upgrade kit. Experience a significantly improved audio quality post-upgrade, seamlessly integrating your speaker into your Sonos system.

Unlike other solutions requiring additional Sonos components, this upgrade transforms your Beolab 4000 into a fully integrated Wifi Sonos speaker. With dedicated buttons for play/pause and volume control, along with Ethernet and mains power sockets, your speaker becomes a streamlined part of your Sonos setup.

Simply replace the outdated electronics in your existing speaker, preserving the essential Bass and Tweeter drivers. Install the new main board, power supply, and keyboard, and refresh the seals with the provided kit.

After the hardware upgrade, fine-tune your speaker's performance by running Sonos Trueplay from your iOS or Android phone. This calibration ensures a flat frequency spectrum, optimizing your audio experience to its fullest potential.

The kit includes everything needed to convert a single speaker. If you're looking to upgrade a pair, kindly purchase two kits for a comprehensive enhancement of both speakers.

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