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Pair of Wall Bracket for BeoLab 3

Pair of Wall Bracket for BeoLab 3

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The kit includes two wall brackets to securely mount a pair of speakers on the wall.

SpeakerSuits' BeoLab 3 wall brackets faithfully reproduce the distinctive exterior design of the original Bang & Olufsen, maintaining identical dimensions but without the internal steel bracket. Instead, the wall bracket is crafted from a single piece, streamlining the mounting process to just two screws for added convenience.

These brackets provide flexibility for cable entry, allowing them to come in from above, below, or directly through the wall.

The BeoLab 3 speakers, designed by Bang & Olufsen, were created with the ability to rotate downwards when wall-mounted. The tilt feature of these brackets complements this design, enabling you to choose the optimal angle for an elevated installation position.

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